Norelco SmartClean Refill Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges
Features :
Cleaning An alcohol based cleaning
solutions, removes shaved stubble to hygienically clean the shavers.
Lubricating During the cleaning cycle the cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimal cutting efficiency. It also releases a refreshing lemon scent.
2 Pack
$14.97 Per Cartridge
4 Pack
$14.23 Per Cartridge
You Save: 5%
6 Pack
$13.32 Per Cartridge
You Save: 11%
8 Pack
$12.49 Per Cartridge
You Save: 17%
12 Pack
$9.99 Per Cartridge
You Save: 33%
Keep your Shaver in Top Condition
For all SmartClean systems
The cleaning cartridges are suitable for all shavers with the SmartClean system.
Effectively cleans your shaver after using foam and gel
The SmartClean system is the first system that quickly and effectively cleans shavers that were used with foam and gel.
Reduces friction and wear on blades
The active lubricant reduces friction and wear on blades, keeping your shaver in top shape.
Cleans up to 10 times better than water
The DualFiltration system cleans your shaver up to 10 times better than water.
Dual Filter system cleans hair, foam and gel
The Dual Filter system cleans hair,foam and gel. The unique double filter prevents hair from clogging your shaving heads, ensuring your shaver always performs at its very best.
Keeps your shaver smelling fresh and clean
The cartridge's skin-friendly liquid hygienically cleans your shaver and keeps it smelling fresh ever day.
Skin-friendly formula for a fresh and hygienic shave
The alcohol-free, skin-friendly is designed to deliver a fresh and hygienic shave, while protecting against skin irritation.

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